Nothing can be more painful,

than the pain caused by expectations…

Love everyone

but keep aside the expectations….

Never expect anything from anyone,

the rejection pierces the heart like an arrow…….

It hurts a lot,

causing frustration ,depression………

It casts a shadow of doubt

on well nurtured relationships…….

Unspoken expectations,

is killing like poison…..a bitter experience……

Fills life with emptiness,helplessness

disillusionment, disappointment….

Self confidence shattered,

The anger culminates into hatred……….

Life comes to a halt,

A brief halt of self introspection…………..

Learning to let go of things,

To forgive and forget……..

Self love , acceptance,

And surrender of the judgement……..

A view of the brighter side of life,

Of hope, faith, love & gratitude…….

The change gradually occurs…………

A balanced state of mind…..

The whole world begins to crumble when things do not happen the way you want it to happen..

Frustration sets in  accompanied with anger & irritation….The same persons whom you had loved & cared for ,till yesterday, seem to you like enemies today…..They have absolutely not changed but it is your way of looking at them….It sounds weird ,but yes,it does happen….You feel like crawling into your own shell, but there is no peace even there……You feel ,people are looking at you very strangely, whereas ,the truth is they are busy in their own lives & have no inkling at all about the state you are in……

The problem is, when you are happy, you look at the positive side of things & when you are down & unhappy, everything seems to look topsy turvy…..To come out of this state , takes a lot of will power, courage & self confidence which, however hard you try, doesn’t surface up at that point of time .. 

Instead of looking & introspecting your state, you are busy searching for the opinion of others…What will others think of you , is the main question that keeps bothering you……Instead of trying to come out of this depressed state , you search for solutions outside you …You are so engrossed in the outside world that you forget your own ,pure self……

To be completely balanced in whatever state you are in, is the true key to happiness……That is God’s will……He wanted it to be that way….Leaving it at this, you have to move forward ….What has happened is something for the good that is in store for you ahead…..Yes, you may say ,it is easy to preach……….Absolutely agreed, but just contemplate……Past is phase that has gone & cannot be amended so why not forget & look forward……What others think is their opinion which you cannot change……But ,you can definitely make changes in yourself…….

new year resolutions…..

Another new year dawned with lots of hope & resolutions……

To be calm in whatever circumstances we are in ,is something very difficult to achieve…..and whoever wins over this is the most blessed one on this earth….

There are situations in life we can change if approached with a daring attitude but somewhere within , our innate nature & attachment towards our people prevents us from doing it and we remain where we  are …suffering ,helpless ,all alone….. This brings us closer to reality, which helps us come to terms that we have to fight our own battle with people who are supposed to be our very own ,but who have very smartly shrugged off their responsibility citing various reasons best known to them….. Even wanting to avoid them ,…we cannot and that is the greatest tragedy……

Frustration sets in, when people ,even the so called unconcerned ones start giving sermons, totally uncalled for….Such situations teach us a lot in life……We come face to face with the true nature of a person that how some can dump their duty & responsibility on others ,yet create a totally different impression outwardly …..be totally unaffected and indifferent  towards others and yet be so cool & happy…….

Anger & resentment builds up …..To forgive & forget is very easy to say …..We can forgive someone who has unintentionally harmed us but who has done it knowingly  can never be forgiven……for they have destroyed the life of another  person with their selfish attitude…..

The persons who can be calm & stable,whatever the situation may be, are really an admirable lot ……Yes, to achieve this is really very difficult….It does require a lot of will power & patience….& those who have achieved it have definitely conquered themselves………I m trying to do it….

The transformation in me……

Just start the day with a smile & a positive thought….

“Yes, this day is going to be the best day of my life…Whatever happens this day is for my well being & happiness”….

This has worked for me & I m sure it will work for all of you out there…Usually, we get depressed & low if things don’t work out our way….It so happens sometimes that however hard we try , we don’t achieve what we aim for….Whereas for some, things fall into place rather easily…..

Why does this happen ? Yes, this is what I used to ask myself a thousand times but never ever got a convincing answer…..That is when , I tried to change my way of thinking….So what ,if I don’t get what I wished for, ….maybe that was not meant for me at all….That is not the end of the road ,there is so much more to life….

To bring about this change in my way of thinking was also not an easy cup of tea…At each stage , I felt I was just pacifying myself…..It was like substituting my failure with such thoughts…

Yes, I read many beautiful quotes on life and many books on positive thinking….Initially, I hated reading these quotes …I felt those who churned out these innumerable quotes had nothing else to do in life…..but I ve to admit that it definitely influenced me to a certain extent …And after a lot of pondering, I came to the conclusion  that the transformation can happen only if I take the final positive call on my thoughts….

That was the turning point…It was a slow change but believe me,it did happen…It made me realize the importance of the present moment & the beautiful things that has been bestowed on us….

Definitely, this does not imply that one should not have any goal in life….One should have ambitions as that is what keeps us moving forward…I started believing in putting all my efforts and doing my best in whatever I attempt with a positive attitude…..

Taking each day as it comes by, as a wonderful day, I tried to breathe in all the good things it brought along with it…. It was a bit difficult but not impossible….Wherever there is good, there has to be the evil lurking around somewhere…Here, the evil was the negativity within me….It had to be flushed out and that could only be possible by weighing it down with positive thinking..

And the positive attitude that I developed was…..

“Yes, this day is the best day of my life…no matter whatever happens, this will my happiest day”…

Type of people we usually come across…………

There are many types of people we come across in our daily life.

Some are very straight forward & speak to the point even if it means
hurting the sentiments of others. They will never go back on their words ,
come what may.

Some are of the calm rather fearing nature.
They want to retaliate but they cannot  as their nature
doesn’t allow them to do that. They will rather keep the
emotions within their  hearts.

Some are of the creepy type.
They want to speak but will never do so directly to the
person concerned.  They will rather prefer to speak to
a third person thus spoiling the image of the person

Some are smart but revengeful. Outwardly, they speak good ,
only good about you but within they hold a grudge against you ,
feeling happy if things are not going well with you.

Some are of the shoot out type. Just vomit out what they have
to say though they don’t mean an inch of it. The very
next minute they may not even remember what they have said.
Quiet indifferent, no malice, clean at heart  type.

Some are the aloof , all by themselves , neutral type. No interference
& no botheration for anyone ’cause of them. They are part of society yet ,
we can say not part of it.

Some are of the ‘give & take’ type..They will maintain relations as long as they gain something out of it.

There are many more and we get to experience & learn a lot from all of them.

I thank God for having created all of them & enriching my life with such beautiful people.


Travelling by local trains in Mumbai, India especially during office peak hours is like conquering Mount Everest.

Do you want a script for a movie ? Just travel in the Mumbai local train during peak hours for a month.  You will get to see varied scenes that it will be difficult for you to choose the one that is best.

Jumping into a running train & getting a window seat during peak hours ,a feat ,if achieved is something admirable. Getting down at your station is somewhat easy for you need not take any special efforts. Just stand at the gangway & you are automatically pushed out. If you come out in one piece, think yourself to be blessed.

There are lots of entertainment,too. Definitely, there has to be for the journey is long. A person boarding at Churchgate, the starting point, gets down at Virar, the last station after two long hours or even more ,if the trains run late.

There are many groups like the singing group, celebration groups ,that is groups who celebrate birthdays or for that matter any occasion. And yes, if you are attentive ,you get to listen to many stories, personal as well as general, too. You can churn out many blogs out of these anecdotes.

You make many friends in life, like in school,college, neighbours, etc but your train friends are an unique species. You can call them your soul mates. They become more than a family to you. They become a part of you. So many years of togetherness ,naturally creates that bond, isn’t it ?

Travelling by these locals has a lot of advantages healthwise ,too. So much cash is shelled out for a half an hour massage in parlours , but ,here ,you get a natural one. To make yourself comfortable or rather to find yourself a comfortable standing place , you have to take some efforts, too. That is ,a little bit of exercising is needed. So, you remain trim & fit naturally.

The train saves you many a times ,too. When you get a firing from the boss for reaching office late, the poor trains are blamed. “Sir, what can I do? I started on time ,but the trains were late.”

These are the little joys that make the life of a common man enjoyable.

Indian railways are our life line. The whole city comes to a full stop ,if the trains stop running. We may curse them ,at times, but can’t stop adoring them ,too.

I love the Mumbai locals & the special bond that I ve with it.






Almost each & every individual must have experienced this emotion sometime or the other in their lives.  Why do people fear? This question has always been & is still there at the back of my mind .  The dictionary explanation of this word is “Emotion caused by impending danger  or pain”.  Impending means future ,that is , something that has yet to take place..But, it is not only the future but even the past that keeps some on the edge.

There may be many reasons that instill fear in a person. One of it is the inability to erase out any traumatizing incident of the past. Or ,in many cases, one is phobic ,too. Like ,if a person was unsuccessful in anything which he had attempted in the past, eg, driving, swimming, horseriding, public speaking, flying, or some disability in them,like stammering. When they see others performing much better  ,these past failures create a complex in them & make it impossible for them to move forward in life.

The next dreaded fear is of the future. That  which is yet to happen, that is the unknown.The fear of the future is so great that it completely destroys us. It takes a toll on our mental & physical being ,too.  The cold sweats, pressure rising, severe headaches due to over thinking, body pain due to tension, severe stress leading to various problems including heart stroke.

Strange ,isn’t it ? That we are tied up with the past & future as the beautiful present  just passes by in front of us.

Why do we have to fear?

Think of the worst that can happen. That will give us an idea as to the extent of damage that we may cause to ourselves by fearing. By this way ,one can reduce the fear to a great extent.

And whatever has to happen ,will happen & whatever happens has to  happen for the best. Just keeping this in mind will also make us accept things in a positive way.

Having faith in oneself is half the work done.

If we have confidence & will power , then nothing can stop us from achieving anything in life.  just a little courage & push is all that is needed.