Hanuman Chalisa is a beautiful prayer (hymn)  written by Indian poet saint Tulsidas dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Lord Hanuman is a vanar (monkey) and one of the central characters of the Indian epic Ramayan. He was a disciple and a great devotee of Lord Rama. He had immense powers. Strength ,courage, wisdom ,bravery ,devotion were some of the qualities of Lord Hanuman.

This Chalisa recited daily keeps one stable and free from all sorrows and fear.



Small is beautiful. .If little things had no meaning, they would not have existed. Scientists too, have told us the power,  mystery & glory a tiny atom has.  Without grains of sand,  even the loftiest monuments cannot be built .In fact,  the ultimate brick of the greatest monuments is the sand particle.

There are some people who think too highly of themselves. They have what is called a superiority complex.  This is not good for themselves nor for others.

Then there are again those who think too lowly of themselves.  They have an inferiority complex. .This is , in fact worse than superiority complex . They think they are good for nothing . By continuously thinking that way,  they really become so.  When problems are discussed,  they throw their hands up & declare that small persons like them cannot do anything . They take shelter behind their so called smallness .

But,  we should understand that even a small lamp has the capacity & privilege to give light .When we light a small earthen lamp, it sheds it’s humble light without any hesitation . It does not look around to see if any other lamp is burning in its vicinity or not.  It is content to shed it’s own light .  It does not even ponder for a second to think how much darkness can be dispelled by its light. For it only thinks that its  light can bring a lot of difference, however small it is.

So let us not be dejected about our smallness…Each one of us is unique in our own way.  As they say , drops of water make up an ocean,  so even small good deeds can make a lot of difference.

Small changes lead to big ones.. So,  am I not right in saying that small is beautiful .


Holi …festival of colours in India—-just have a look…..

Today ,is the festival of Holi ,a full fledged observed holiday in India….

With shops closed & children as well as adults busy playing the game of colours on each other….I just like the simple red powder, called as gulal to be applied on me….the other colours ,all mixed, or rather u can call it cross breed are a pain for the eyes….& the balloons filled with dirty water thrown on anyone by anybody just bugs me…

The beauty of the traditional way of playing Holi has been lost somewhere…..How I long for it….But times are changing & I have to move with the times …I ve to bear the balloons & the cross breed powders along with the changing times….

But ,one thing that hasn’t changed are the mouthwatering delicacies served ….I can gobble just all of them at one go……So what, if one is diabetic ?…..that worry can be kept aside for a day….as these are little joys that keep us going on in life……

The afternoons ,that is after 2 pm ,the pin drop silence on the roads is as peaceful as an holiday in some far away place….the people have taken a retreat…..maybe to have their grub & to wash off their multi coloured faces …..

The local railway stations, the bazaar ,always busy with no space to inch forward ,is empty today…..hawkers having a nap, & some playing cricket on the deserted roads,making the most of what time can offer…..

In the evenings one can usually see an ocean of people in malls & other  shopping places…..what with so many discounts & offers that has been advertised……cinema halls showing a housefull board & hotels having a long queue outside…..as is very common even on normal holidays or sundays….

Interesting….all festivals are meant to be like this, to be enjoyed, to be crazy….

Or else ,they cannot be termed as festivals, isn’t it ?