The Wavering Mind

I gave away everything
That I could today.

I took ……IT……in my arms
I tried to converse with…….IT..
But without giving even a glimpse
IT…….escaped into its own world.

IT……..which had always been
My consort…….somewhat
The conscience of my feelings
Which had always stood by me
Thro’ all trials…
Today……preferred Loneliness……

Abandoning me
IT……preferred walking
Alone in the dark……

Very strange….incomprehensible….
And….uncontrollable…….I T…….

Yet ,sometimes it does so happen

That my MIND …..& ….I
Remain estranged
Traversing in different directions…..

In this circle called


Small is beautiful.

The small is beautiful . If little things had no meaning, they would not have existed. Scientists ,too, have told us the power ,mystery & glory a tiny atom has. Without grains of sands ,even the loftiest monuments cannot be built. In fact, the ultimate brick of the greatest monuments is the sand particle.

There are some people who think too ,highly of themselves. They have what is called a superiority complex. This is not good for themselves nor for others.

Then ,there are again those who think too, lowly of themselves. They have an inferiority complex. This is, in fact, worse than superiority complex.They think they are good for nothing. By continuosly thinking that way ,they really become so. When problems are discussed ,they throw their hands up & declare that small persons like them can do nothing about these great problems. They take shelter behind their so called smallness.

But, we should understand that even a small lamp has the capacity & privilege to give light. When we light a small earthen lamp, without a question & without hesitation ,it sheds its humble light. It does not look around to watch if any other lamp is shedding its lustre. It is not dismayed if no other light is burning in the vicinity. It is content to shed its own light .It is not worried how much darkness needs to be removed from over the world. For even a jot of darkness removed by its light can bring a lot of difference ,however small it is.

So,let us not be nervous about our smallness. Small is beautiful. It can bring about a great change .As they say drops of water make up an ocean, so even small good deeds can make a lot of difference .

Excerpts from prologue by Swami Budhananda.
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The presence of God

The river was overflowing & this gentleman wanted to cross it. There was a wooden plank & he saw a person standing on the other side. He called Him several times & asked Him to hold his hand & help him cross the river. The Person on the other side told him to be brave & to have faith in Him while crossing.The gentleman got angry & started abusing Him but he had to cross the river at any cost. It was a very windy day & various thoughts came to his mind. What if I get drowned then who will look after my family etc etc.

The Person on the other side knew what was going on the gentleman’s mind. He assured him that nothing will go wrong. The gentleman cursed Him & said that if anything untoward happens then He would have to face the consequences. Saying this the gentleman started crossing the river. The Person on the other side was just smiling. Finally the gentleman reached the other side & in anger he asked the Person “Why couldn’t u come to my side & help me cross the river by holding my hand?” The Person smiled & said ” If I would have come on the other side then there would have been no support for the plank & the plank would have fallen into the river .I was standing here & supporting the plank so that u can reach here safely” Saying this ,the Person disappeared. The gentleman could not believe his eyes. “O! What a fool I was not to recognise Him” He learnt a lesson that faith was very important in life ” Have faith in ur duty & leave the rest to Him”


The Past, Present & the Future.

There are numerous articles written on how a person can remain happy in life, and the most popular & most discussed one is ‘to always remain in the present’.

Is it possible for a person to completely forget the past , not think about the future & to solely concentrate on the present ?

The past is just a memory ,maybe pleasant or disastrous. But these have taught us lessons, & they cannot be completely erased out of one’s mind.

And our future do depends on our present. So, the present cannot stand on its own.

All the three are inter dependent & cannot be treated as separate.

But is there a present ?  The clock is merrily ticking away, & before we realise , each second is becoming our past &

the handles of the clock are steadily inching towards the seconds ahead, that is our future.

‘Living in the present’ is practically impossible, isn’t it? That is what some say.

I feel ,here ,that ‘living in the present’ means being fully concentrated in whatever you do.

If there is full concentration & dedication ,the mind will find it impossible to deviate .

If each second is spent in this way, there will be no loopholes left for the mind to rewind  into  the past or worry about the future .

Some stray thoughts ,here or there is excusable, for ,after all, it is the human mind.

So, sincerely dedicating oneself to every second will help us live life in a better way & will pave the way for our happiness.


Vegetable upma is very nutritious, less oily & can be eaten by one & all as it is very easily digestible.

Upma is made out of rava  (or you can call it Suji) & the english word for rava is Semolina.

It is a very simple recipe & the preparation takes around 15 mins ( if everything is ready).


rava——————1 cup ( already fried in a pan without oil till it has turned golden brown)

Beans—————100 gms

Peas—————- 250 gms

Carrot—————100 gms


tomatoes———- 2

Spinach(palak)–10 to 15 leaves nicely washed & cut


Green chillies—-2 ( that is up to you as to how spicy you want it)

curry leaves——-5-6 leaves,nicely washed

Mustard seeds—–1 t spoon

White urad dal—-1 t sp

( split white lentils)

Ghee——————-2 tb sp

A little oil for tempering.



First ,cut the beans, carrot & spinach into small medium pieces. 

Then boil them along with peas with a little turmeric powder & salt( as per taste)& keep it aside.

Put oil in a pan ,& when it is medium hot add the mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves & green chillies.

When the mustard seeds begin to splutter, add the cut onions & potatoes .

Fry them till golden brown & then add the tomatoes.

Keep it for 5 mins & then add 2 1/4 cups of water.

When the water begins to boil, lower the flame ,add the ghee & a littele turmeric powder & salt

(salt  for the semolina…You have added a little salt for the vegetables ,too.,before…..So remembering that add accordingly).

Then add the semolina ,slowly by continuously stirring taking care that there are no lumps formed.

Close the lid & just leave it for 2 mins.

Then you can do the garnishing with coriander leaves & grated cocunut( if you prefer.)

Just prepare & relish this simple , delicious recipe.

Cycle of Life


A gentleman who was the managing director of a company was taking interviews .There were many candidates .Almost half a day passed by & the last candidate entered the interview room. The qualifications of this candidate was not upto the mark but he was in dire need of the job. He pleaded with the MD to give him this job as he had a bed ridden father at home. The MD enquired about his father’s health & about his past employment. The candidate said ” Sir , my father always says that his last wish is to meet that young boy whom he had thrown out of his company some years back .His mother was also bed ridden & that young boy was very hard working .He used to come late to office due to his mother’s ill health but used to sit late & finish his entire work. Sir ,my father always recollects that & repents & wants to apologize & ask forgiveness from that young boy .Sir ,please give me this job .I ‘ll always be indebted to u” .The boy had tears in his eyes. The MD recollected the circumstances in which his mother passed away .He didn’t have the financial resources to save her. He couldn’t control his tears. He also remembered his mother’s last words to him “Please forgive your boss ,my son .God has something better in store for you” The MD expressed his desire to meet the boy’s father . The boy took him home. He saw an old man ,very weak & tired lying on the bed. The MD went closer to touch his feet. He couldn’t believe his eyes .It was his own boss who had thrown him out & it was the same person who was the cause of his mother’s death. “Sir ,How r u? I m Vinayak.Do u remember me?” The old man strained his eyes .He recognised him & started weeping. He held his hands tight & kept on weeping. Finally he said ” My son, I ve waited for this day all my life.Now I have no regrets if God calls me. Please forgive me ,my son. I was carrying this emotional baggage since a long time. I have got what I deserved .See my state now. I realise ur anguish ,my son when u had a bed ridden mother.Please forgive me. I know ur loss is irreparable. ” The MD remembered the last words of his mother. He said “Sir, Who m I to forgive anyone? God has already forgiven u . But ,I can definitely do a very small thing for u. I can see ur son is very hardworking.He can join our company. I m not giving him the job .It is his hard work that has got him the job” Saying this ,the MD consoled his boss. His boss had no words to say .There were only tears flowing.
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