Sabdam—-A Bharatanatyam dance recital—Indian classical…

This is called as Sabdam, usually the third item performed in any Bharata Natya dance recital.
The meaning of the dance goes as such…..

O God, I think about you each moment,
You are always in my heart and I bow to you,
Why are you then angry with me, O Lord….

You are everything to me,
If you are angry ,then what will happen to me ?
What will I do, where will I go ?
Your anger is piercing my heart like an arrow,
Why do you do this to me ?
I cannot bear it ,my Lord..

Please do not do this to me…
My head is spinning, I am grieving,
Please Lord , speak to me.

Please remember our old times,
The happy times..
Please give me back those days,
Please keep your anger aside and come to me ,
O Lord, I am waiting for you…

O Lord, I bow to you…
I bow to you, I bow to you….