Half century mark….

I m not a frequent blogger ….though, as far as possible, I make it a point  to read other blogs & give my likes and comments.

Today I was surprised to see that I ve reached the half century mark ….Yes, 50 followers …It is really a proud moment ….I thank each and every one for liking all the crap that I post…..To be very honest ,this is very encouraging….

I find it very difficult to blog everyday….Not the time constraint but its the topic …What topic shoud I blog on ? It is easier to write on our experiences or of others which we have heard of and which we feel strongly about….But ,here too ,there are hesitations…Should everything be put on paper or should it be twisted a bit ,to be palatable to the readers ?What will be the comments ? Will the readers like it or not ? So many things cross the mind….But, finally ,it is .those that come straight from the heart that wins the hearts of all……

A special thanks to all for the valuable time spent in reading my blogs…:):):).Sorry , if the blogs ve given any of you any stress or health scare…Hahahahahahaha…..If so, will keep that in mind the next time I blog…Hahahahahaha….


8 thoughts on “Half century mark….

  1. I love the pics on your blog, though I’m not a ‘picture’ person. I think if you don’t have anything you urgently need to tell the world, don’t blog – there’s no rule that you have to post. But when you do have something to say or show, go for it!

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