new year resolutions…..

Another new year dawned with lots of hope & resolutions……

To be calm in whatever circumstances we are in ,is something very difficult to achieve…..and whoever wins over this is the most blessed one on this earth….

There are situations in life we can change if approached with a daring attitude but somewhere within , our innate nature & attachment towards our people prevents us from doing it and we remain where we  are …suffering ,helpless ,all alone….. This brings us closer to reality, which helps us come to terms that we have to fight our own battle with people who are supposed to be our very own ,but who have very smartly shrugged off their responsibility citing various reasons best known to them….. Even wanting to avoid them ,…we cannot and that is the greatest tragedy……

Frustration sets in, when people ,even the so called unconcerned ones start giving sermons, totally uncalled for….Such situations teach us a lot in life……We come face to face with the true nature of a person that how some can dump their duty & responsibility on others ,yet create a totally different impression outwardly … totally unaffected and indifferent  towards others and yet be so cool & happy…….

Anger & resentment builds up …..To forgive & forget is very easy to say …..We can forgive someone who has unintentionally harmed us but who has done it knowingly  can never be forgiven……for they have destroyed the life of another  person with their selfish attitude…..

The persons who can be calm & stable,whatever the situation may be, are really an admirable lot ……Yes, to achieve this is really very difficult….It does require a lot of will power & patience….& those who have achieved it have definitely conquered themselves………I m trying to do it….


3 thoughts on “new year resolutions…..

  1. I have never done new year’s resolutions. I think it’s because if you wait until the new year to do something, you’re procrastinating and just might miss out on something. Thus, I treat each day like any other day, so if I want to start something new, well, tomorrow is a new day! Start now!

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