Type of people we usually come across…………

There are many types of people we come across in our daily life.

Some are very straight forward & speak to the point even if it means
hurting the sentiments of others. They will never go back on their words ,
come what may.

Some are of the calm rather fearing nature.
They want to retaliate but they cannot  as their nature
doesn’t allow them to do that. They will rather keep the
emotions within their  hearts.

Some are of the creepy type.
They want to speak but will never do so directly to the
person concerned.  They will rather prefer to speak to
a third person thus spoiling the image of the person

Some are smart but revengeful. Outwardly, they speak good ,
only good about you but within they hold a grudge against you ,
feeling happy if things are not going well with you.

Some are of the shoot out type. Just vomit out what they have
to say though they don’t mean an inch of it. The very
next minute they may not even remember what they have said.
Quiet indifferent, no malice, clean at heart  type.

Some are the aloof , all by themselves , neutral type. No interference
& no botheration for anyone ’cause of them. They are part of society yet ,
we can say not part of it.

Some are of the ‘give & take’ type..They will maintain relations as long as they gain something out of it.

There are many more and we get to experience & learn a lot from all of them.

I thank God for having created all of them & enriching my life with such beautiful people.


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