Travelling by local trains in Mumbai, India especially during office peak hours is like conquering Mount Everest.

Do you want a script for a movie ? Just travel in the Mumbai local train during peak hours for a month.  You will get to see varied scenes that it will be difficult for you to choose the one that is best.

Jumping into a running train & getting a window seat during peak hours ,a feat ,if achieved is something admirable. Getting down at your station is somewhat easy for you need not take any special efforts. Just stand at the gangway & you are automatically pushed out. If you come out in one piece, think yourself to be blessed.

There are lots of entertainment,too. Definitely, there has to be for the journey is long. A person boarding at Churchgate, the starting point, gets down at Virar, the last station after two long hours or even more ,if the trains run late.

There are many groups like the singing group, celebration groups ,that is groups who celebrate birthdays or for that matter any occasion. And yes, if you are attentive ,you get to listen to many stories, personal as well as general, too. You can churn out many blogs out of these anecdotes.

You make many friends in life, like in school,college, neighbours, etc but your train friends are an unique species. You can call them your soul mates. They become more than a family to you. They become a part of you. So many years of togetherness ,naturally creates that bond, isn’t it ?

Travelling by these locals has a lot of advantages healthwise ,too. So much cash is shelled out for a half an hour massage in parlours , but ,here ,you get a natural one. To make yourself comfortable or rather to find yourself a comfortable standing place , you have to take some efforts, too. That is ,a little bit of exercising is needed. So, you remain trim & fit naturally.

The train saves you many a times ,too. When you get a firing from the boss for reaching office late, the poor trains are blamed. “Sir, what can I do? I started on time ,but the trains were late.”

These are the little joys that make the life of a common man enjoyable.

Indian railways are our life line. The whole city comes to a full stop ,if the trains stop running. We may curse them ,at times, but can’t stop adoring them ,too.

I love the Mumbai locals & the special bond that I ve with it.







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