Almost each & every individual must have experienced this emotion sometime or the other in their lives.  Why do people fear? This question has always been & is still there at the back of my mind .  The dictionary explanation of this word is “Emotion caused by impending danger  or pain”.  Impending means future ,that is , something that has yet to take place..But, it is not only the future but even the past that keeps some on the edge.

There may be many reasons that instill fear in a person. One of it is the inability to erase out any traumatizing incident of the past. Or ,in many cases, one is phobic ,too. Like ,if a person was unsuccessful in anything which he had attempted in the past, eg, driving, swimming, horseriding, public speaking, flying, or some disability in them,like stammering. When they see others performing much better  ,these past failures create a complex in them & make it impossible for them to move forward in life.

The next dreaded fear is of the future. That  which is yet to happen, that is the unknown.The fear of the future is so great that it completely destroys us. It takes a toll on our mental & physical being ,too.  The cold sweats, pressure rising, severe headaches due to over thinking, body pain due to tension, severe stress leading to various problems including heart stroke.

Strange ,isn’t it ? That we are tied up with the past & future as the beautiful present  just passes by in front of us.

Why do we have to fear?

Think of the worst that can happen. That will give us an idea as to the extent of damage that we may cause to ourselves by fearing. By this way ,one can reduce the fear to a great extent.

And whatever has to happen ,will happen & whatever happens has to  happen for the best. Just keeping this in mind will also make us accept things in a positive way.

Having faith in oneself is half the work done.

If we have confidence & will power , then nothing can stop us from achieving anything in life.  just a little courage & push is all that is needed.



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