The power of thought…….

The power of thought is so great that it can make or mar a man’s life..We are what we think..

The origin of a thought is very important….Initially it is very miniscule in size but as it goes on expanding, it spreads like fire….. Good thoughts when originated spread happiness & peace on expansion ,whereas bad thoughts spell destruction ….

When we label a man as ‘good” or ” bad” ,we are actually referring to his thoughts….A man’s basic nature is goodness, but it his thoughts that pollute hismind & leads him in the wrong path….

Thoughts can change a man’s life …..If a man is having tumour in his body ,it will go on disturbing him unless & until it is removed….In the same way, bad thoughts are the main source of our sorrows & unhappiness…..It will not allow us to live in peace…If we allow it to grow by giving it freedom, it will pollute our whole system…

Jealousy, hatred, ego, fear ,illnesses all arise due to polluted thoughts….Sowing the seed of good thoughts is equivalent to worshipping God & His beautiful creation…

There can be no misery or sorrow as all are children of the same God ……

Life is what we think about….Change your life by changing your thoughts & just see how beautiful life is…..


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