Small things of life………

I was not able to move out of the house for many months due to my mother’s ill health……..I was feeling very suffocated for I ve never been confined to one place for such a long time…..I started getting my mood swings, a sort of depression as my brain was getting rusted due to no activity….

Many things to do but not able to do……There were no house maids ,too willing to stay for long hours & even if they did so, they charged exorbitant prices……An article that I read ,a couple of days back, somewhat  recharged me ……

It said “Accept all that comes your way……There is a reason for all that which happens in each one’s life……So accept it gracefully & be happy……Always have positive thoughts for they always keep you in the right track…If there are difficulties ,there will be sunshine ,too……..”

I ve read these umpteen times but had never given a thought to it……I used to feel that the people who write these things have no better work to do….They will not dare to pen such articles if they will have to go through similar experiences…..

Today, there was a programme ,20 kms away….I suddenly took a decision to take my mom for it…….It was a bit difficult for me to manage all alone, but ,by God’s grace, I got help from all corners, right from hiring the cab….The people ,too who had come for the programme helped us in all ways like arranging  a comfortable corner seat ,helping her during the intermission & hiring a cab for us to get back home……

She completely enjoyed it ….It was a fresh change  & I ,too felt very happy for her…..

This was just a small thing but the amount of joy it gave to both of us  is undescribable….I felt on top of the world ….. No wonder .it is rightly said that happiness comes in small packets…..


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