Why do people suffer ?

A post on one of the sites made me ponder on this question as to why do people suffer ?

Is it a self inflicted punishment or is it circumstances that make them accept the suffering in silence ? Here, I m not talking about any physical illness but about situations from which people find it very difficult to come out……

There are many such instances where people get entangled in family commitments & find it very difficult to come out in spite of being well read & educated……

A neighbourhood lady spent her entire life looking after her children ,grandchildren & now is in an old age home with no one by her side……Looking after her children was a necessity but looking after her grandchildren was not an obligation….Once her children were grown up, she could ve got herself a job but she chose to tag behind her grandchildren…….Yes, I can understand the attachment is definitely there ,but I feel once your children get married , then your role should only be of a support system by guiding & advising them in times of need…..

A well educated lady had to leave her lucrative job to tend to her mother as her brothers were married & were not very willing to look after her……..Here ,100% cheers to daughters who always dote on their parents & can never & will never leave their parents alone even if it meant sacrificing a well paid job as was in this case……

I agree that sometimes circumstances are such that a person finds it difficult to come out of a complex situation due to social pressures…..especially for females…..Here, too the males get away & are excused for everything that they do……Their reasons are considered valid whereas the poor female is in a whirlpool…….

To overcome such situations & to take control of one’s own life , one should have lot of guts & courage to break the social norms & come out of it……or else ,our life will just be a life dictated by others ……..









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