Yes, it is Father’s Day today………..

Yes……It is Father’s Day today

The entire universe 
is so ebullient
and engrossed
in celebrations…….

Some with gifts,
Some with lots of kisses,
Some solicitous,
Some in quietude,
Some expressing love 
in poetic verses…….

But …my dearest Father
How do you want me
to celebrate your day ……today….??

As far as my memory unfolds
I ve no reminiscences of you,
I neither remember 
having seen you or
having spoken to you….

I ve only yearned for you
every moment of my life,
And, I ve always felt 
your presence,your affection
and your loving arms around me
in the darkest moments of my life…..

I ve also heard a lot
about your unparalleled love for me,
I heard
You took me by your side 
at the last moment
and kissed me…….with moist eyes

When I began feeling your absence,
I did a lot of questioning to my mother,
I remember her showing me
A bright star in the sky
And consoling me
that it was you……….

I also remember her
shedding quiet tears
when I was adamant 
and asked her 
to get that star for me…….

But as the years passed by……
I resigned myself to fate
for I could no longer 
elude the reality……..

I love you too much 
I ve always felt your absence 
In times of difficulties and happier times …too,
That is when I ve questioned God…
Why did he take you away from me…??

I promise you
I’ll always make you  proud,
I’ll transcend everything
and will always look up to that star
with pride ,care and affection……..

What can I give you today…????
My very existence is ’cause of you
Where ever you are ,
I was , am,  and will always remain
a part of you….forever…

Today being celebrated 
as your special day…
The only gift that I have
and can give you
are these treasured feelings of mine
My dearest Father……..

Yes…It is Father’s Day today……..


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