Small things of life……

It really amazes me when little things of life give us so much pleasure……however small it may be….

The other day , I just happened to surf the net & luckily  got the number of my friend whom I had not met for almost three decades…….I wanted to give her a surprise, so  immediately rang her up …I gave her little hints for her to recollect & was taken back when she recognized my voice …….Then we chatted away for hours together starting from where we left off……I was very very excited & my joy knew no bounds……

Making dishes that someone likes,  looking after aged parents & taking them for outings, helping small children get a proper education,  spending some hours educating the poor children from the slums, ……..Be it anything, however small it may be, but these give us absolute joy …….

The other day , I purchased a new TV set , a bigger one that is…….I was glued to it for a week , & then the addiction just waned off…….Now I hardly spend even an hour watching it…….

Material possessions give us temporary joy & is left back here on earth ,but things done straight out of the heart gives us satisfaction , lasts longer & are taken along with us………



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