I love you so much
I want to express my love…..
Now that I’m married
You are far away 
Fulfilling your other responsibilities
Like a true devoted mother………

I love you so much 
I want you here with me
I want to prepare & serve you
All those lovely things
That you adore so much
I want to give 
All my happiness to you…………

I think of you every second
That I have decorated my home
Keeping your comforts in mind
Hoping that some day
Free from all responsibilities
You’ll be with me forever…………

I love you so much 
That I cannot bear 
To see you growing old
The wrinkles on your face
And the grey hair 
Keeps me worrying
Every passing day………

I care for you so much 
Your sorrows,your pains,your hardships,
The heaviness of your heart
Each tear that you shed
Moistens my eyes
My beloved Mother………

How can you part from me,
As I belong to you
My dear mother….
The day you go away from me
I ‘ll cease to exist
For I adore you too much
My loving Mother……


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