Education—-can never go waste……

I ve always supported the cause of girl child’s education…..I feel that a girl shud be given the maximum education so that she can stand on her own at times of crisis…..& there should be no differentiation made between a male & female child in whatever sphere maybe…….

Many a times, the housework is considered the primary job of a woman…..I strongly feel about this…..When a woman can work & support the family financially, can’t the men give a helping hand in the kitchen…..

There is this lady who often drops in  to help me in my household work…. I just happened to ask her about her daughter, I mean her studies, & all other activities…..

“After high school studies, I’ll get her married off “…she said..

I asked her the reason & advised her to at least make her a graduate…..

“What’s the use …In our caste , a girl is not allowed to work, so, it’s better to teach her the household work……My son wishes to go in for some specialised course, so it is better to invest my money in him”………was her reply..

I feel ,in a way ,it is the parents themselves who are responsible for this demarcation………

This attitude has to change…..Education is very important & it can never go waste…..It is always good to be knowledgeable …….& a well educated woman can bring in a lot of difference in her family, within the society & environment , in general……...


3 thoughts on “Education—-can never go waste……

  1. Sad that women still haven’t found total equality. But things will and are changing. In many families in the United States, the women are the primary income earners and the men do most of the house work and are raising the children. And, over sixty percent of graduate students are female.

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