The good things of life……

Cooking, that was the last thing in the world that I would ever like to do….

If I was on my own, I just managed to munch on something & kept myself filled….I just wouldn’t bother or take proper care of myself…..

Last year, I was down with typhoid ….I ,too felt the tiredness & the pain . .The elders just got a golden opportunity & their fiery words burst like crackers…..I fell silent, & couldn’t defend myself….

It took a few months for me to recover fully…….And now, I ve my mom staying with me…..Though I detest cooking, I like to make lovely things for her……The juicer is out & making fresh juices has become a daily ritual……I hate green vegetables, but now it is a must in the daily menu….

Breakfast, lunch ,snacks & dinner on time…..& I thank my mom for this…..She has come as a blessing in disguise……

All things that happen are indication of some good things on the way……Everything that happens in life teaches us a lesson ,& the lesson I got made me healthy & fit….


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