‘Yes” or “No” – A tug of war……..

How many times have we been confused with this “yes “ & “no”?

Sometimes, we do find it difficult to say an emphatic “No”, though we really wish to . It takes a lot of courage to say “no” & to stand up for what we feel is right.

Sometimes, I do wonder as to why do we hesitate to say an effective “No”.

Maybe ,it is the fear of hurting or disappointing others , or may be the fear about the opinion that others may form about us,  maybe the fear of an otherwise strong friendship or relationship breaking apart or maybe the  lack of courage in us .

But ,will any purpose be served by saying a “yes “ half heartedly, or out of pressure ? By doing this, we are going against ourselves just to please others. Our mind will be in a state of constant turmoil. We may carry on for a while , but the dissatisfaction persists.  The suppression of feelings by saying a “Yes” halfheartedly ,may lead to many health problems ,too.

Saying a “No” in a gentle manner will definitely place us in an uncomfortable state for a while , especially when the other person is very dear to us & is fully confident about our “yes”. But, believe me, peace definitely follows this state of discomfort . We feel lighter & free. We are happy that we have expressed ourselves in the right way.

Sometimes a “Yes” in the place where there should have been a “No” may prove wrong……People may start taking us for granted & sometimes it so happens that decisions are taken without our consent as they believe that there will be no opposition from our side……

So, after much analysis, I feel that we shud go according to what the heart says…….Say an emphatic “No” if the situation demands it …….We will feel better at heart…… 


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