I heard You had come
I left everything & rushed home 
To be with You

To spend some joyous moments
Just the two of us
Sipping the cup of Love & Passion
Watching the world
Your beautiful creation
Slowly pass by

Discussing Life of Bliss & Joy
And many unpleasant happenings ,too
Of corruption , rapes, scams & violence
I , reminding You of being
Very unjust & unfair to some

All these leading to small arguments
I confronting You
Asking for an explanation
Cajoling You to unfold
The strange mysteries of Your Creation

You ,unperturbed, by my anguish
Give a smile, just an assuring smile
Lighting up everything around

Soaking in Your Warmth
So Pure & Divine
Wrapping this small world of mine
In Your Arms
Inhaling the Fragrance of Your Love

A transient Divine Light passing thro’
Experiencing a feeling of Oneness
Floating in the air
I surrender………..merging myself
Completely with You……..


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