O God, save our world…….

It is sometimes, really sickening & distressing to read the newspapers……Rapes, murders, robberies, frauds, blasts,terror attacks…..Still, I continued in the hope that some day the paper will be devoid of such headlines…..

But, today my hopes were completely shattered…..

The newspaper headlines of today carried the news of the rape & torture of a 5 year old child …

Are they crazy ? Can men be so savage ? That was the last straw….Absolutely disgusting….How can someone be so brutal ?& that ,too   towards an innocent child…….

Now, what will be the mental state of that child….She has her whole life ahead of her……Will she have a normal future ?

Where are we heading towards? It really pains …..

The world ,instead of progressing ahead is moving backwards……

O God…Save our world……






6 thoughts on “O God, save our world…….

  1. From the time I have read that… I am in a state of Anger n Confusion..!!
    What has happened to the society & mindset of people…
    From now on , I don’t think I can actually Trust anyone.. who knows what the person actually is..!!

  2. hmm correct…. But that measure will be for ‘HIS GOOD’ and not for national Good..!!
    I mean do sumthing that people start fearing of… Also doing sumthing like rehabilitation after such kinda CRIME..!! hmm the life of an innocent female is already taken.. and what we are doing ?? just Rehabilitating the Criminal..!! Naaahh…!!!

    • True…In the Nirbhaya case ,there was a nation wide stir….the culprits arrested…..the laws are such that justice takes a long time….But, in spite of the outrage at that time, there ve still been so many cases of rape all over the country…..some highlighted by the media, whereas some gone unnoticed…..The Nirbhaya case culprits will be punished but do you think there is going to be a full stop after that…..I seriously doubt that…I feel the mindset has to be changed….I feel ,all this happens due to lack of education, poverty & unemployment…..Everything has to be started at the root level….

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