New Year of South India- VISHU.









Vishu is an important festival in Kerala & Tamilnadu & it marks the beginning of the New Year.

It is celebrated on the first day of the Malayalam month Medam which usually falls on the 14th of April & is celebrated traditionally.

Seeing the ” Vishu kani ” early in the morning is considered very auspicious. This vishu kani is arranged on the previous night itself by the lady of the house & is seen early morning ..Vishu kani consists of several auspicious things like gold,fruits, grains, coconut, flowers, (mainly kanipoo which usually blooms during this time of the year only) bananas & the golden coloured cucumber (a very important item )& all these things are well placed in a plate, (called as uruli ), filled with rice .This plate is arranged in front of a mirror in the puja or worship room  in front of God. Traditional lamps are placed on both sides of the uruli.

On the morning of Vishu, it is a custom that the head of the  family gets up early & lights the lamp & wakes up the other members & brings them  to the puja room with closed eyes & the first thing that they should see when they open their eyes is the Vishu kani & the glorious darshan of God .  Then the blessings of the head of the family is taken. The family members sit together for some time in the puja room meditating in the spendour of the Divine.

Then everyone takes bath, wear on new clothes & all the young members come to collect money from the elders in the family. This is called as Vishukaineetam. The elders give money & wish them prosperity & joy. Then there is the bursting of crackers , visiting of temples & then the sumptious lunch is spread out. All the temples in Kerala are beautifully decorated & filled with devotees on this day.

Vishukani points to a year of abundance & prosperity, both spiritually & materially…The divine vision that we have on the morning of Vishu , gives us a message to spread love among all & this should be reflected in our thoughts & actions throughout the year.


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