Sambhar-A south Indian recipe.

Sambhar-A South Indian recipe


 Tuvar Dal                   : ¾ cup( Split red gram).

 Vegetables                  : Any one of these

                                      (Lady’s Finger, Small bulb onions, drumsticks, radish.)

 Red Chillies               : 4 to 5 ( as per the spiciness you desire)

 Coriander seeds       : 2 Tb spoon

 Fenugreek seeds      : 1  table spoon(( 1/2 for seasoning & 1/2 for grinding)

 Coriander leaves      :  A little for sprinkling.

 Coconut                     : ¾ small cup

 Salt                            : as per taste

 Mustard seeds           : 1 tea spoon

 Tomato                     : 5 small or 4 big(cut into 2 pieces)

 Tamarind water         : 3 Tb spoon.

 Turmeric powder   : ¾ tea spoon.   

 Lemon                      : ½ juice                                                                           


      1.First boil the tuvar dal (Split red gram) till well cooked.

     2. Then cook the vegetable with Tamarind water, cut  tomatoes ,turmeric powder, salt  as per taste & a little water.

           If it is lady’s finger, then first fry it in little oil before cooking .

    3.  Mix 1. & 2. & keep aside.

    4.  Then take a little oil in a pan & fry the red chillies, coriander seeds &

         half of the fenugreek seeds till it turns pinkish in colour.

    5. Then grind the above fried spices with the coconut in a mixer & add it to 3.

    6. Mix it well ,If you want it a little bit more sour ,then add half of

        lemon juice.

    7. Then do the seasoning; that is in a little oil put the mustard seeds

        & the remaining fenugreek seeds till it crackles.

    8. Add the seasoning to the sambhar prepared, & sprinkle some coriander leaves on top.

        This is usually eaten with rice or with idlis& dosas(which are rice & urad dal pancakes).

        (Urad dal is split white gram or lentil).

         Hope you all try it out & do give me the feed back.


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