Clean up

“Please throw away your unwanted things’……How many times have we heard this sentence? But we still cling on & on……

One day, I opened my cupboard & the things started just falling out…..This was expected…..Since a very long time ,I was just putting off the cleaning business ….Not because ,I didn’t wish to do it but just ’cause of time constraint….So today was the day…

The old clothes had heeped up, small accessories like combs,perfumes ,scarfs,gloves,had all piled up….& there was this lovely ,used up,twenty year old suitcase which was the apple of  my eye,for quite some time….It had served me for a very long time & I didn’t wish to part with it….. But ,today I wished to give it a new lease of life….

I put off ,all the things which I wished to discard into this faithful suitcase & packed it straight away to a children’s home & an old age home nearby……

My joy knew no bounds when I saw the happiness on their faces when the things were being distributed….They held my hand tight ,blessed me for no feat of mine…..I kissed them, tears trickled slowly…. How careless are we, I thought to myself……If only, I had done this earlier…..If only I had not kept on postponing it……

But this was a lesson to me…Now ,every six months , my cupboard gets a clean up….

Now this taught me a new lesson ,too…Our mind ,too is just like the cupboard…full of unnecessary thoughts…..If we just clean it up daily, how stress free our lives would be…..There would be less ailments & more of joy all around….Isn’t it ? Just give a thought to it, my dear friends……


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