Rewinding the clock of life

It is a sad thing that sometimes ,knowingly or unconsciously we get influenced so easily by the opinions of other people. Just when I look back I feel Life could have been so much different if I had been firm with my gut decisions. Even trivial decisions like wearing a particular dress I have been conscious of ‘ oh My God, what will she think of this dress? It’s better if I don’t wear it’ . People often said that u r living in a society ,& u have to consider their views too. For eg: Learning dance ‘ What r u going 2 do learning this?It is a sheer wastage of time’ .& sometimes if I decided to do some odd course ,immediately the reaction of people around me ‘ Graduation is a must.These courses won’t provide u a penny’ .Sometimes I feel that more than half of my life has been spent according to the views of other people. It is really funny but now I have decided to repurchase my brain & just try things which will give me satisfaction. I know some people have lived life their own way . I admire such people.Hats off to them. I feel there is always plenty of time to mend ourselves. I m just going to do that. Be positive & go by what ur conscience tells u.


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