The adopted child.

I saw her lying
Still & silent
I picked her up gently
Hugged & caressed her.

An innocent smile
Lit up her face
Looked at me beseechingly
As if to say
“Please take me home”

I nodded in assurance
Pressed her against me
Felt her warmth.

A voice ,deep within
Whispered to me
“Leave her…….and
a part of you
will be left behind”

I listened to that voice
Held her tight,and
together we walked
The beautiful path of life
Sharing our joys & sorrows.

Suddenly ,as if to awaken me
A forceful voice
Shook me,
“Mamma,what are you thinking ?”

I opened my eyes & saw
A young, beautiful girl
With that same innocent smile
and that beseeching look
Standing in front of me.

I took her in my arms
caressed her,
Her child like face
lit up with joy.

Looking into her eyes
I said
” I was just thinking
about you, MY CHILD”


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