The presence of God

The river was overflowing & this gentleman wanted to cross it. There was a wooden plank & he saw a person standing on the other side. He called Him several times & asked Him to hold his hand & help him cross the river. The Person on the other side told him to be brave & to have faith in Him while crossing.The gentleman got angry & started abusing Him but he had to cross the river at any cost. It was a very windy day & various thoughts came to his mind. What if I get drowned then who will look after my family etc etc.

The Person on the other side knew what was going on the gentleman’s mind. He assured him that nothing will go wrong. The gentleman cursed Him & said that if anything untoward happens then He would have to face the consequences. Saying this the gentleman started crossing the river. The Person on the other side was just smiling. Finally the gentleman reached the other side & in anger he asked the Person “Why couldn’t u come to my side & help me cross the river by holding my hand?” The Person smiled & said ” If I would have come on the other side then there would have been no support for the plank & the plank would have fallen into the river .I was standing here & supporting the plank so that u can reach here safely” Saying this ,the Person disappeared. The gentleman could not believe his eyes. “O! What a fool I was not to recognise Him” He learnt a lesson that faith was very important in life ” Have faith in ur duty & leave the rest to Him”



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