The Past, Present & the Future.

There are numerous articles written on how a person can remain happy in life, and the most popular & most discussed one is ‘to always remain in the present’.

Is it possible for a person to completely forget the past , not think about the future & to solely concentrate on the present ?

The past is just a memory ,maybe pleasant or disastrous. But these have taught us lessons, & they cannot be completely erased out of one’s mind.

And our future do depends on our present. So, the present cannot stand on its own.

All the three are inter dependent & cannot be treated as separate.

But is there a present ?  The clock is merrily ticking away, & before we realise , each second is becoming our past &

the handles of the clock are steadily inching towards the seconds ahead, that is our future.

‘Living in the present’ is practically impossible, isn’t it? That is what some say.

I feel ,here ,that ‘living in the present’ means being fully concentrated in whatever you do.

If there is full concentration & dedication ,the mind will find it impossible to deviate .

If each second is spent in this way, there will be no loopholes left for the mind to rewind  into  the past or worry about the future .

Some stray thoughts ,here or there is excusable, for ,after all, it is the human mind.

So, sincerely dedicating oneself to every second will help us live life in a better way & will pave the way for our happiness.


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