Vegetable upma is very nutritious, less oily & can be eaten by one & all as it is very easily digestible.

Upma is made out of rava  (or you can call it Suji) & the english word for rava is Semolina.

It is a very simple recipe & the preparation takes around 15 mins ( if everything is ready).


rava——————1 cup ( already fried in a pan without oil till it has turned golden brown)

Beans—————100 gms

Peas—————- 250 gms

Carrot—————100 gms


tomatoes———- 2

Spinach(palak)–10 to 15 leaves nicely washed & cut


Green chillies—-2 ( that is up to you as to how spicy you want it)

curry leaves——-5-6 leaves,nicely washed

Mustard seeds—–1 t spoon

White urad dal—-1 t sp

( split white lentils)

Ghee——————-2 tb sp

A little oil for tempering.



First ,cut the beans, carrot & spinach into small medium pieces. 

Then boil them along with peas with a little turmeric powder & salt( as per taste)& keep it aside.

Put oil in a pan ,& when it is medium hot add the mustard seeds, urad dal, curry leaves & green chillies.

When the mustard seeds begin to splutter, add the cut onions & potatoes .

Fry them till golden brown & then add the tomatoes.

Keep it for 5 mins & then add 2 1/4 cups of water.

When the water begins to boil, lower the flame ,add the ghee & a littele turmeric powder & salt

(salt  for the semolina…You have added a little salt for the vegetables ,too.,before…..So remembering that add accordingly).

Then add the semolina ,slowly by continuously stirring taking care that there are no lumps formed.

Close the lid & just leave it for 2 mins.

Then you can do the garnishing with coriander leaves & grated cocunut( if you prefer.)

Just prepare & relish this simple , delicious recipe.