Sabdam—-A Bharatanatyam dance recital—Indian classical…

This is called as Sabdam, usually the third item performed in any Bharata Natya dance recital.
The meaning of the dance goes as such…..

O God, I think about you each moment,
You are always in my heart and I bow to you,
Why are you then angry with me, O Lord….

You are everything to me,
If you are angry ,then what will happen to me ?
What will I do, where will I go ?
Your anger is piercing my heart like an arrow,
Why do you do this to me ?
I cannot bear it ,my Lord..

Please do not do this to me…
My head is spinning, I am grieving,
Please Lord , speak to me.

Please remember our old times,
The happy times..
Please give me back those days,
Please keep your anger aside and come to me ,
O Lord, I am waiting for you…

O Lord, I bow to you…
I bow to you, I bow to you….

M S Dhone….The Indian cricket skipper.

“ Hold your heads high”.

This what what captain M S Dhoni said to his young team after the World Cup semi final loss.

This positive quality of the captain is worth admiring. Losing the world cup semifinal is definitely not a good feeling. It hurts a lot after coming such a long way. But, wins and losses do happen and instead of dwelling on the loss, being positive and moving on is much more important, and who better than M S  Dhoni can teach us this.

He didn’t choke for words in the post match interview. His confident answers to the questions posed to him showed his maturity  and stability. On being asked about the loss, he replied,

“We took it from someone ,so somebody took it from us. It’s as simple as that. The best team takes it for four years. If we would have played better, we would have got into the finals. In any international sport, you have to be at your best. Or else, the cup gets shared.”

A very apt reply. The Indiam team has played well throughout,and the loss is nothing to be ashamed of. Any one team had to win and yes, they had lost to a side which was much superior to them on that day. The Aussies performed with confidence, fearlessness, full of energy and they displayed some skilful bowling, aggressive batting and fielding. On the other hand,everything failed for the Indian team on that crucial day. The last overs gave away unnecessary runs, and the batting order ,too was not upto the mark. But ,it is unfair to label a team ‘bad’  just because they had everything going wrong on a particular day. It is a sport and such things are bound to happen.

The Indian team has come a long way and to reach the semi finals itself is something credible and one cannot expect the same country to always be at the top. Looking at the brighter side of things, we can say,that the young players have only gained through this tournament. They have learned a lot and this experience will definitely make them better players when they tour abroad in future.

M S Dhoni had absolutely no regrets. He had only appreciation for his team.

“ You guys have played well. You have done the country and me proud.”

This quality of his, will take him a long way in life. Appreciating and encouraging others is something which only the strong can do. These encouraging words coming  from the captain will definitely boost the confidence of the young players. His reply when asked about his immediate plans was really impressive.

“I play for the enjoyment of the game and the day I decide to go, I will pack my bags and happily go away.”

What a realistic reply. You have to enjoy and be fully involved in whatever you do, whether it be sports or any other profession. Once the feeling of enjoyment is lost,then there is no point in continuing.

The Indian team is lucky to have M S Dhoni as the captain. In many cases , he has set an example to his team by being confident, and scoring runs even in crisis. His cool temperament on and off field is laudable. He has been India’s most successful skipper and the team has played some good cricket under his captaincy and will continue doing so in the future, too.

Winning and losing is part of life but having the qualities of a good human being is much more important  and that is where M S Dhoni scores the highest points. 

That helpless night….

I had never felt so helpless in my life.  Mamma gets those vertigo spells occasionally and yesterday was one of those days . Unfortunately, I was alone as my husband had gone for some meeting and was not expected for at least three to four hours. The maid who usually comes to help Mamma do her daily chores had some guests to attend at her place. Panic stricken I took out the contact list from my diary. The friend list was long but whom could I call at this hour of the night and it was very essential that I had to change Mamma’s diaper and the wet bedsheets and that required to make her stand. I tried my level best to lift her up but as she was in a semi conscious state she could not co-operate with me. For how long could I make her sit on the wet bedsheet. I drew the chair closer to the bed and just dragged her for that was the only way to bring her out of the bed .It must have hurt her but I had no other option left. Finally, on the chair , she looked at me. I kissed her and asked God for forgiveness. I hurriedly put on the new bedsheets and as she was seated ,gave her some porridge to have.

My tired body urged me to have some rest but the medicines ,too had to be brought . I rushed to the doctor leaving Mamma alone for some time ,continuosly praying that she should not attempt getting up on her own. My warm body gave an indication of my risen blood pressure level and the doctor ,too confirmed this and advised me to remain calm lest I become a victim of hypertension. But at such times, nothing works and everything seems to fall on deaf ears.

After giving the first dose of medicine to Mamma, I rang up my friend whose parlour was close by but my luck didn’t seem to work. She was already on her way back home. Desperately , I rang up my husband but he was not reachable. There were tears in my eyes. I tried to divert my attention by putting on the television. It didn’t work out .I tried having my dinner but everything seemed so tasteless. When all things failed, I cried out ,‘Oh God, please help me’ , ‘Now it is only You who can give strength to Mamma . Please help her stand at least for a short while till I pull up her diapers. ‘

I sat next to Mamma ,hugged her tight and wept like a child.  As the drops fell on her gown, she looked up and tried to hold my hand. She was a strong willed woman and she seemed to understand the dilemma I was in.  She gave me a nod ,a sort of hope for me. An hour and half had passed after the administration of medicines and the effect was slowly manifesting itself. She was returning back to a semi normal state. ‘ Can you try getting up ?’ I asked her. She nodded. I was quite elated by her positive reply.

With great effort from both sides (her side and my side) ,I lifted and seated her on the bed. The walker helped her stand for a few seconds,but exhausted she sat down .After many stand ups and sit downs with much difficulty, I finally succeeded in tightening the diaper . My joy knew no bounds as ninety nine percent of the work was done. I thanked her a thousand times and the person above who had given both of us the strength and will power and without whose help, it was an impossible task.

Deep down I knew that God could never let me down. He was always by my side and I had to just remind myself that He was there. The whole world can be busy but He always has some time reserved for me .With folded hands , I gave Him a huge thank you.


Just start the day with a smile & a positive thought….

“Yes, this day is going to be the best day of my life…Whatever happens this day is for my well being & happiness”….

This has worked for me & I m sure it will work for all of you out there…Usually, we get depressed & low if things don’t work out our way….It so happens sometimes that however hard we try , we don’t achieve what we aim for….Whereas for some, things fall into place rather easily…..

Why does this happen ? Yes, this is what I used to ask myself a thousand times but never ever got a convincing answer…..That is when , I tried to change my way of thinking….So what ,if I don’t get what I wished for, ….maybe that was not meant for me at all….That is not the end of the road ,there is so much more to life….

To bring about this change in my way of thinking was also not an easy cup of tea…At each stage , I felt I was just pacifying myself…..It was like substituting my failure with such thoughts…

Yes, I read many beautiful quotes on life and many books on positive thinking….Initially, I hated reading these quotes …I felt those who churned out these innumerable quotes had nothing else to do in life…..but I ve to admit that it definitely influenced me to a certain extent …And after a lot of pondering, I came to the conclusion  that the transformation can happen only if I take a call on my thoughts….

That was the turning point…It was a slow change but believe me,it did happen…It made me realize the importance of the present moment & the beautiful things that has been bestowed on us….

Definitely, this does not imply that one should not have any goal in life….One should have ambitions as that is what keeps us moving forward…I started believing in putting all my efforts and doing my best in whatever I attempt with a positive attitude…..

Taking each day as it comes by, as a wonderful day, I tried to breathe in all the good things it brought along with it…. It was a bit difficult but not impossible….Wherever there is good, there has to be the evil lurking around somewhere …Here, the evil was the negativity within me….It had to be flushed out and that could only be possible by weighing it down with positive thinking..

And the positive attitude that I developed was…..

“Yes, this day is the best day of my life…no matter whatever happens, this will my happiest day”…

Half century mark….

I m not a frequent blogger ….though, as far as possible, I make it a point  to read other blogs & give my likes and comments.

Today I was surprised to see that I ve reached the half century mark ….Yes, 50 followers …It is really a proud moment ….I thank each and every one for liking all the crap that I post…..To be very honest ,this is very encouraging….

I find it very difficult to blog everyday….Not the time constraint but its the topic …What topic shoud I blog on ? It is easier to write on our experiences or of others which we have heard of and which we feel strongly about….But ,here too ,there are hesitations…Should everything be put on paper or should it be twisted a bit ,to be palatable to the readers ?What will be the comments ? Will the readers like it or not ? So many things cross the mind….But, finally ,it is .those that come straight from the heart that wins the hearts of all……

A special thanks to all for the valuable time spent in reading my blogs…:):):).Sorry , if the blogs ve given any of you any stress or health scare…Hahahahahahaha…..If so, will keep that in mind the next time I blog…Hahahahahaha….